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The ‘Modiste’ Milliner


Julia Agnes designs and makes Fascinators and Frippery, and is currently working on designs for the Frocks, her 1st Clothing Collection. She uses an eclectic mix of quality materials, opulent fabrics, laces, felts, etc.. embellished with luxurious trimmings. Her unique style has a strong vintage influence and would appeal to the fashion conscience lady who appreciates quality, and who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The hair-do, for many women is the most crucial facet of their fashion outfit, particularly if they are planning for something special like a wedding or a deb’s ball. There are various types of hairstyle which you could get for any special occasion, but to be noticed, fascinators would be the ideal choice.

Within the last couple of years, the fascinator has returned to the fashion scene in a big way. Fascinators are basically headpieces that historically contained an extremely fine lattice-type head covering, much like a shawl, except made from wool or lace. The style has altered for today’s fascinator plus they are now often composed of feathers and blooms which may be elegant and frivolous in design.

To improve on the look you are aiming for, you can combine various materials in the construction of fascinators. Feather fascinators tend to be most fashionable style. They may also be composed of leather too. Fascinators can be miniature and discrete or bigger if more of the impact is required. They normally are attached with combs to the head so they do not become displaced. This enables you to put it exactly where you would like on the head in order that it will never come off.

If you have a unique event coming up, you may want to wear fascinators as a fashion accessory. Cocktail parties, costume parties, or dinner evenings can all use fascinators for making your outfit fancy and one of a kind. You can pick one which has already been designed or give the designer instructions on what you would like in a fascinator yourself. Fascinators can also be an ideal substitute for a tiara as your wedding day headpiece. Many fascinators can also be altered to incorporate a veil to complete the appearance.

Here is a selection of the fascinators that I have designed.

When should fascinators be worn?

In a few occasions that you may consider wearing a hat, now consider wearing a fascinator instead as hats can often take from or even damage a hair-do. However, usually hair can be styled round the appearance of the fascinator. A fascinator may be put in your hair without anxiety about damage to the hair-do or getting the crushed-hair look that we all dread. Most hats utilise a pin system to keep a hat in position, which could cause injury where just one comb is required to maintain the fascinator to the head. Fascinators are produced in a variety of materials, colours and styles. At Julia Agnes designs, I feature a large choice of fascinators perfect for the wedding day. I can craft a whole variety of head pieces for the bride and bridesmaids. My fascinators and headpieces are can be customized to match your face, figure, outfit and occasion.

How to wear Fascinators

I design and make fascinators for ladies day events at horse racing events such as Irish Derby festival or the Galway races. Go racing with a unique fascinator which will turn heads everywhere you go. Complete your outfit having a beautiful and exquisite fascinator.


thumbs mustard felt cloche rear view Fascinators

All the fascinators that you see in the gallery can be redesigned to your special requirements in colour, size, embellishments etc.

For bespoke fascinators, I discuss every facet of the design with the client to ensure that each detail of the fascinator is correct.

For me, ‘Millinery is the result of the wonderful marriage between Architecture and Fashion.’

So if you have a special day out planned, wedding, graduation ball, race day and would like to look fabulous, please take the time to look through my gallery of Fascinator and Fashion Accessories.  I hope you will enjoy the experience and remember fashion should be fun.

See gallery of Felt range

If you have any questions about fascinators, please contact me.